CMO Rapid Fire- Shonodeep, Chris Pieper, Rissa Reddan

CMO Rapid Fire: Behind the Scenes With CMOs From GE Power, Artis Energy and Performance Trust Capital Partners

There’s much more to a CMO than their business and marketing accomplishments so we created the #CMOrapidFire to get to know CMO Club Members a little better! Here is a quick roundup of recent members featured and an extra behind the scenes look at what you didn’t see the first time!

Rissa Reddan
CMO, Performance Trust Capital PartnersCMO Rapid Fire-Rissa ReddanWhat we didn’t share…
Favorite Band: I front for a cover band called the everyAnythings and my husband plays guitar (our new insta account is @theeveryanythings)
Bonus: I’m interested in the Makers movement and making it easier for people to shop local and know their local designer

Shonodeep  Modak
CMO, Industrial Solutions,  GE Power
CMO Rapid Fire_ Shonodeep ModakWhat we didn’t share…
Hidden Talent: I can recite the entire McDonalds menu in 45 seconds—jealous?
Bonus: Live by Mario Andretti’s quote, “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough”

Chris Pieper
VP Marketing, Artis Energy Intelligence
CMO Rapid Fire-Chirs PieperWhat we didn’t share…
Fun Fact: Poodles could use some branding help.  My wife and I both associated poodles as being snobby and obnoxious based on their show haircuts, but after getting our 10-pound Charlie, we realized that perception couldn’t be further from the truth.  Aside from being highly intelligent, I had no idea they were originally bred to be hunting dogs and that they were so athletic and loving.

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