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CMO Rapid Fire: Behind the Scenes With CMOs From BAT, Strayer University and Intuit

There’s much more to a CMO than their business and marketing accomplishments so we created the #CMOrapidFire to get to know CMO Club Members a little better! Here is a quick roundup of recent members featured and an extra behind the scenes look at what you didn’t see the first time!

Sebastian Micozzi
Group Head of Marketing Transformation, BAT


What we didn’t share…
Coolest Achievement: Crossed the 50 miles of the Panama Canal by Canoe at age 12!
Guilty Pleasure: More specifially, Dark Chocolate Ice Cream…could eat it every single day.
Hidden Talent: I can cook quite well, could have become a career choice.

Missy Walker
VP, Brand Strategy and Communications, Strayer University
CMO RAPID FIRE, Missy WalkerWhat we didn’t share…
Favorite Marketing Campaign: I am a huge fan of Target.  Everything they produce – from in their advertising to their in-store materials – supports their dedication to making good design accessible for all.
Best Team Outing: Paint’N Sip …Going in, no one thinks they can paint.  After a few glasses of wine and instruction- it’s amazing to see the creativity coming out of everyone despite their initial doubts. Each piece is unique and personal and tells you so much about the artist.  Some of the best “masterpieces” I’ve seen have often come from the more analytical team members.
TV Show I Can’t Miss: There are so many! Fixer Upper, The Americans, Mr. Robot, Suits, Homeland and John Oliver are a few.
Hidden Talent: Painting. Walls not pictures. I’m an ace with an angle brush and don’t even need to tape to get straight lines!
Workout: I love Beachbody Videos and own many of them.  As a busy mom and professional –  I love the convenience of working out at home and am a prime target for their late-night infomercials when I can’t sleep.

Patti Newcomer-Simmons
VP, Marketing, Intuit
CMO RAPID FIRE, Patti NewcomerWhat we didn’t share…
First Job: Waitress / short order cook at Friendly’s
Workout: Yes! Long walks outside now, but played lots of sports growing up.

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