CMO Rapid Fire: Behind the Scenes With CMOs From Stratus Technologies, Wells Fargo, Vans and Clorox

There’s much more to a CMO than their business and marketing accomplishments so we created a CMO Rapid Fire Campaign to get to know CMO Club Members a little better! Here is a quick roundup of recent members featured and an extra behind the scenes look at what you didn’t see the first time!

Eric-Jan Schmidt
VP Global & Corporate Marketing, Stratus Technologies
Twitter: @EricJanSchmidt

Eric Jan Schmidt The CMO Club Rapid FireWhat we didn’t share…
Favorite Workout: Anything cardio
First Job: Software Sales
Proudest Professional Accomplishment: Drive global change with integrated digital marketing

Michael Lacorazza
EVP, Head of Integrated Marketing, Wells Fargo
Twitter: @lacorazzam


What we didn’t share…
Favorite Blog: I don’t read any blogs. I value experience/personal interactions with sources of inspiration/peer networks and high quality journalism.
Proudest Personal Accomplishment: Raising a great kid
Proudest Professional Accomplishment:
Helping to lead a massive organizational transformation at Wells Fargo
Life Hack: When driving to an event at a stadium, take a photo of where you parked

Fara Howard
VP, Global Marketing, Vans

CMO RAPID FIRE, Fara Howard, VansWhat we didn’t share…
Proudest Personal Accomplishment: The birth of each of my beautiful three boys
Proudest Professional Accomplishment: Can I pick two? Standing up Dell’s in-house digital agency and launching Vans 50thth Anniversary brand campaign in 2016.
Favorite Restaurant: Le Colonial in Chicago… or Maudie’s for queso in Austin
Super Power you would choose: Speaking all the languages of the world (nerdy power, but truly what I want!)

Eric Reynolds
CMO, The Clorox Company
Twitter: @EricCLX

CMO RAPID FIRE, Eric Reynolds, Clorox

What we didn’t share…
If not a marketer, I’d be: An entrepreneur in East Africa
Proudest Professional Accomplishment: Helping people succeed
Life Hack: Hard stuff in the morning, grouped distractions/tedium in the late afternoon.

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