Another great CMO Club Podcast Episode, recorded live from the Main Stage at the 2019 CMO Club’s Fall Innovation and Inspiration Summit, held in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Club Board Member Phil Clement, recent Global CMO, Aon, is joined on the Main Stage by Douwe Bergsma, CMO, Georgia Pacific, and Christine Cutten, Principal, Marketing, Deloitte Consulting.

An inspiring and informative discussion on the two schools of Marketing happening presently, that have a hard time coming together. There’s the “war and science” approach, based on growth campaigns “attacking” and “defending,” using ROI and mathematics as their battle cry, and the total opposite of that, the creative world, using Marketing in unplanned, agile, innovative, and experimentally creative ways. The panel discusses ways CMO’s can become “Snap Virtuoso’s,” instantaneously proactive in their approach.