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Awakened Brands: How Marketers can Tap into the Consciousness Revolution

The CMO Club
May 16, 2016


Virginie Glaenzer

Virginie Glaenzer, Former EVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Great Eastern Energy

The advent of modern-day branding, starting in the Industrial Age when a major shift in the landscape and marketplace of America happened, brought about a distinct change of consumer-brand relationships as people moved to cities and mass production and mass consumption became the norm.

Branding shifted, too, from a symbol of highly esteemed value to a means of differentiating in an increasingly saturated market.

But to continue this definition and approach to branding in the modern age would be folly. As I mention in my eBook, Awakened Brands, we are moving at once forward and backward, as new technologies are again allowing people to form small communities, share word-of-mouth and demand more value.

“Today’s post-industrial age, like pre-industrial times, is a fragmented marketplace of communities of like-minded people looking for distinctive value. It’s overflowing with an abundance of products, along with skeptical people who increasingly rely on others in their “communities” for information and guidance. Value and trust are, once again, the principal determinants of success.”
Tom Asacker, Author of A Clear Eye for Branding

So, how do we – as marketers – regain this synergy with consumers, impacting their lives in positive and valuable ways?

The answer is found by tapping into the new mindset and expanded worldview of today’s consumers. I’m talking about a new reality, where people are not defined by age, income, political beliefs or even geography, but rather their desire to create a better world and be more mindful of their actions.

Welcome to the Consciousness Revolution. If you aren’t sure what that means, or how it affects your brand, think of these trends: healthy living, going green, reducetarianism, crowdsourcing, etc. These new trends have taken hold to become whole movements and create a higher level of awakening all around us.

As companies, this presents an opportunity to build a more awakened brand by tapping into the values of the Consciousness Revolution – nonconformity, authenticity, positivity, and ability to rise to the top. Here are four actionable ways to connect to the values and beliefs of not only your customers but your employees, creating a legion of loyal brand ambassadors:

  1. Choose your brand values
  2. Choose your customer’s emotional experience
  3. Engage your customers (through co-creation and responsive storytelling)
  4. Hire for attitude, train for skill

To read the full eBook, download it HERE.

Awakened Brands, is an eBook by Virginie Glaenzer, Former EVP of Marketing and Customer Experience at Great Eastern Energy, that draws out specific and actionable steps for marketers to create an awakened brand by tapping into the values of the Consciousness Revolution.

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