The CMO Club Chicago Chapter Roundtable Recap

Chicago Chapter members offer marketing advice and leadership During Mergers & Acquisitions presentation.


 “If you could give your 20-year-ago-self advice, what would it be?”

 May 30th. 2018

  “Always seek new and unfamiliar experiences to develop a diverse background.” – Dan Ptak, Director of Marketing, Solstice. “Tech and data analytics will be your best friends. Who could have known?” -Laura Zimmerman, CMO, Fidelity Life & Efinancial.Study and understand how to use AI (Artificial Intelligence.)” – Peter Caron, CMO & VP Corporate Development, CellTrak.  “Learn how to be financially savvy, it’s important to know your way around a P&L.” – Becky Chandler, Senior Director, Digital and eCommerce,…