CMO Club Members Share the Biggest Challenges for Leaders Today

What is the biggest challenge for leaders today?

The list of challenges facing leaders today is never-ending and ever-evolving.  We asked a few of our CMO Club members what they think is the biggest challenge for leaders today.  Here’s what they had to say:

Doug Zarkin, VP, CMO, Pearle Vision

“Ensuring that the focus on the action, aka “the what,” never overshadows ensuring “the how” those results are delivered is a positive way. Holding ourselves accountable for ensuring everyone pulls their weight, not just a select few.”

Muriel Lotto, Head of Global Brand & Marketing, Western Union

“The biggest challenge for leaders today is managerial courage. Too many leaders are simply managers of people, but do not take the time to truly lead, to paint an inspiring and compelling vision, to show and share vulnerability, to hold each other accountable, to have tough conversations when needed. Leading is not about being liked or making the team happy to hit engagement scores, it is to know when to hold and when to push, when to cajole and when to poke, when to be at the front and when to coach from the sides.”

David Minifie, Chief Experience Officer & EVP, Corporate Strategy, Centene Corporation

“The biggest problem for leaders today is prioritizing.  With too much information available and constantly “on” lifestyles, we often have the impulse to react to a question or situation rather than the appropriate time to respond thoughtfully, with discipline, and the big picture in mind. Having clear priorities –what to work on and what NOT to work on- helps set expectations for ourselves and our organizations.”


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