CMO Club Portland Chapter Dinner Roundtable Recap

Marketing insights from the CMO Club's Portland Chapter dinner roundtable on September 20th, 2018, lead by Chris Murphy of Adidas



Key Takeaways from Portland

Getting Closer to Your Buyers/Users and Creating Unique Brand Experiences Using Engagement Data, led by Chris Murphy, Senior Director, Digital Activation at Adidas.


  • Acquisition of customer data is climbing up on the list of priorities with email still being the most sought-after data.
  • Who is your shopper is more important than who is your consumer – Example- The children want the shoes, but it is the mother with the money that does the shopping.
  • Gather your first-party data, team up with partners and their data, compile it and search for “look-a-likes.”
  • The best way for a retail CMO to gather customer email addresses is to incentivize the employees/store level to gather the info. Rather than relying on the retail silo, Marketing could and should work up a program to incentivize the employees. Example- the regional manager will take the whole store out to dinner if that store gathers more emails than any other store in the region.
  • Fewer and fewer Millennials are checking email.  The Text is becoming the new “inbox” – how many unread text messages do you have?
  • The newest and hottest messaging app is Telegram Messenger – encrypted and uses blockchain.
  • Random pointer of the night – Powered laundry detergent is much better than liquid laundry detergent.