The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms

As the marketer’s role continues to morph at light speed in an attempt to deliver a seamless positive customer experience across all touch points, so does the technology underneath and all the headaches that come with it which include but are not limited to:
  • Having a clear customer experience vision.
  • Becoming the customer champion responsible for identifying and mapping the euphoric customer journey.
  • Working together with technology counterparts to ensure the customer experience vision is mutually understood and the basis for technology success.
  • Redesigning teams and breaking down process silos to ensure cross functional collaboration.
  • Not owning it outright, but becoming an active stakeholder in the application of each technology within a well designed, integrated platform to achieve your marketing vision.
After surveying CMOs/Heads of Marketing (n=110), we discovered:
  • Only 13% thought they were able to truly deliver a seamless, personalized consistent customer experience across all touch points, leaving 87% somewhere between just getting started and feeling like they had “a ways to go” in creating a unified approach.
  • Number 1 priority was “Identifying the entire customer experience across all channels including marketing channels as well as internal channels including sales and support” followed closely by “The mapping of each customer journey back to each touch point within the overall customer experience”
  • Biggest roadblocks included Budget, followed by Existing Marketing Platforms

It was clear.  We need a CMO Solutions Guide for CMOs from CMOs.  In partnership with Oracle and 10 Heads of Marketing, The CMO Club is thrilled to provide this Solution Guide to our CMO members.

Download the Guide to see the CMO Solutions.

Special thanks to all of those that contributed to this Guide.  
  • CAMMIE DUNAWAY, Global CMO of Kidzania
  • MARY ANN FITZMAURICE REILLY, SVP, Marketing Integration & Customer Insights, American Express
  • MAYUR GUPTA, Global Head, Marketing Technology & Innovation, Kimberly-Clark
  • ROSE HAMILTON, CMO and GM of Pet360, a PetSmart Brand
  • JULIE LYLE, CMO of hhgregg
  • CHRIS MOLONEY, Chief Digital Officer, ARIA Consulting
  • CHRISTINE NASHICK, Chief Customer Officer of DHL US
  • MARY BETH PARKS, SVP Global Marketing of Hilton Worldwide
  • MICHAEL WILLIAMS, CMO of Grand Prix of America

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