Paid, Owned, & Earned Digital Marketing: The Trends CMOs Should be Following

Paid, Owned & Earned Digital Marketing: Current Trends For CMOs To Follow Right Now

CMOs need to shift their focus to meeting consumers' needs over the long-term, making sure their measurement and analytics are robust and accurate.
Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, Wpromote
Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, Wpromote

When many CMOs and other marketing professionals discuss the most important trends of 2017 and beyond, certain topics often get forgotten. However, attribution, analytics, and metrics are absolutely critical for marketers to understand in an increasingly cross-channel, cross-device digital marketing environment if they want to guarantee the success of their businesses. CMOs need to nail these fundamentals and have a firm grasp on where the evolution of the digital customer is going.

These are the…