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This Week in Marketing: Keeping CMOs in the Know

Averi Melcher
January 25, 2017


There’s no doubt it’s a crazy time in the news world. On an international scale, #WomensMarch proved that social media’s virility and ability to unite a community is still alive and well, while tech brands rolled out their visions of the future at CES earlier this month (where there was plenty of talk about autonomous cars, VR and SmartTech). Meanwhile, digital media continues to leverage consumer data like never before…

Here are five things we’re talking about this week:

  • Can a 30-second social spot really compete with TV ads? Snapchat thinks so. On Tuesday they confirmed that brands will soon be able to pay for Snapchat ads using third-party, TV-like rating systems from Neilsen. They’ve also made deals with NBC and Turner Broadcasting, so stay tuned on whether snaps will be the new commercial breaks – more on Ad Age, here.
  • Google announced the release of Customer Match for YouTube, allowing advertisers to target videos based on consumers’ past Google Searches. With greater segmentation, Google is also giving users more power over what they want to see and continuing to shift their focus away from desktops. Read all the updates on their blog.
  • Bustle is sitting down with millennial women to ask them: “Whatcha’ thinking about?” On Tuesday, the company announced the launch of a new focus group by their analytics arm, Bustle Trends Data Group. Their goal? To great a “data bridge” between millennial women and other consumer groups (not to mention advertisers). More on their qualitative research, here.
  • The Super Bowl buzz has started, and brands have wasted no time getting creative. In an attempt to reduce game-day drinking and driving, Tostitos released a limited edition bag that uses sensors to tell when you’ve been drinking and will even call you an Uber. Now that’s smart snacking. Adweek explains how it works.
  • Does Zvelo have the answer to your bot woes? According to MarTech Today, the data tech company just released the first free service that can detect bots and low-quality traffic on digital ads. CEO Jeff Finn says the service is “more than 90% accurate” and could be a game-changer for advertisers.
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