Today’s Chief Marketing Officers don’t need a survey to verify that their C-suite role is increasingly essential to the success, or failure, of the entire organization.

This begs the question, how does CMO compensation stack up to this demanding role? How does compensation for marketing leaders compare amongst company size, ownership structure, industry, titles, and gender?

In The CMO Club’s 2021 CMO Compensation Guide, a follow-up to our 2019 benchmark study, we took a long, hard look at compensation from all angles once again. Our survey of 250 respondents represents CMOs and senior marketing executives across a wide range of industries from around the globe, with an average of over eight years of experience.

In this report, we analyze the data and compare key findings against 2019 results to help current and future CMOs answer the question: “What’s your true marketing worth?”

2021 CMO Compensation Guide Key Findings

This year’s survey revealed several eye-opening findings about salary and other compensation:

Read the 2021 CMO Compensation Guide to view all the insights and data.