CMO’s are under unprecedented pressure. The mandate to produce business results while managing the whirlwind that is marketing today is no small challenge. Additionally, consumer technology adoption has completely transformed the buyer behavior and personalized, relevant experiences are a must-have deliverable. Delivering frictionless customer experiences with the constantly emerging technology tools and platforms has even the most progressive marketing leaders scratching their heads.

Yesterday’s marketing approaches are obsolete.

The CMO Club, in partnership with Oracle, conducted research to discover what over 20 progressive CMOs are doing to navigate this ever-evolving challenge.  We uncovered — and explain via real-world CMO examples — that four key attributes are essential to create the modern marketing organization:

  1. Acumen
  2. Alignment
  3. Agility
  4. Accountability

Read more to learn about the new approaches that CMOs are taking to build more effective marketing teams.  Recommendations — that you can apply to your business today — are shared based on in-depth interviews to help answer marketing capability and competency questions and build a better, stronger marketing organization in today’s tumultuous environment.

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