CMO Focus on Relationship Marketing and The Challenges in Unifying Martech

The CMO Club in thought leadership with Selligent Marketing Cloud recently conducted a CMO Club Solution Guide on the topic of Consumer First Mar-Tech. The study found that CMOs have placed a laser focus on improving relationship marketing – BUT –  that doesn’t come without its challenges.

A survey of 69 CMOs highlighted the ongoing challenges facing senior marketers and the role technology plays in improving customer relationships as well as in depth discussions of 6 CMOs of leading brands.

Findings include the following:

  • 62 percent of marketers report that relationship marketing is the most important or one of the most important functions of their team this year
  • Two-thirds of marketers say that their top marketing automation goal for 2018 is to speak to their customers in a more relevant way, ahead of driving more sales for the company
  • 42 percent of the CMOs cite customer data management as being the most difficult element
  • Of those using the ‘big five’cloud vendors, 47 percent of users had issues with data compared to 25 percent of marketers using other vendors
    • 57 percent of marketers rated their ‘big five’ marketing vendors below average at custom integrations; 54 percent of marketers rated their ‘big five’ marketing vendors below average at custom feature development

CMOs that are featured in this study provided their insights through in-depth case studies that highlight their use of technology and customer data and how they were able to increase their brand’s value.  CMOs include: Jennifer Dominquini, BBVA Compass, Allison Lewin, VP Marketing, F’real Foods, Laura Zimmerman, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Fidelity Life, Kevin Moffitt, Chief Retail Officer and Natalie Malaszenko, SVP Digital Business Office Depot, Kevin Smith, CMO, Rollins and Michelle Chila Adorjan, SVP Marketing & PR, Tacori.

“As a CMO, the frustrations brands experience is clear. Technology providers need to remain focused on personalization tools that help marketers close the gap between what customers expect and what experiences they want to deliver,” said Nick Worth, CMO at Selligent Marketing Cloud.“By centering our platform development on enabling stronger brand-to-consumer relationships, we’re able to help define success and market differentiation for our clients.”

View the full CMO Club Solution Guide here- Consumer-First MarTech: Using Consumer Insights To Unify Marketing Technology Decisions.