The direct to consumer (DTC) business model has taken off and consumer brands are taking note.

Spanning categories like apparel, beauty, personal care, baby, pets, travel and financial services, they’re growing at an exponential clip. According to eMarketer, there are more than 400 brands in the DTC category, and traffic to DTC websites has doubled in the past two years. With that much activity, established brands are taking note.

The CMO Club in thought leadership with Epsilon surveyed and interviewed a variety of brands, both DTC with more traditional models (referred to as “B2C” in the guide) to understand the what, how and why direct to consumer has made such an impact on the consumer market. We’ve taken this research and developed a CMO Club Solution Guide that dives deeper into this topic to find out specifically:

  • What’s been happening in the market and why
  • How these trends are impacting marketing today
  • How these trends will impact marketing in the future

The findings show that B2Cs are overwhelmingly concerned about DTCs impacting their current and future market share, and that DTCs are concerned about how to move into the next phase of their business.

The study conducted in-depth interviews with CMO Club members including; Tim Condon, SVP of marketing and engagement at Homesnap, Mark Bietz, CMO,, Kyle Jacobson, CMO, Gobi Heat, Jill Thomas, recent CMO, Edible Arrangements, Kristina Smith, Director, global digital marketing, KEEN Footwear, Dave Brotton, VP marketing, PurpleWave, plus senior marketing executives from the consumer services industry.

In addition to CMO Club members, we completed 7 additional interviews with senior-level marketers at DTC brands to get the most accurate picture of this category. The 14 qualitative interviews within and outside of The CMO Club focus on marketing efforts in their past, present and future.

The juxtaposition of the qualitative DTC interviews with the quantitative B2C survey paints an interesting picture of just how much the DTC category has impacted the market and where DTC brands can learn more from their B2C counterparts.

We invite you to read the latest insights in this fast paced industry that is taking marketing to the next level of growth: CMO Club Solution Guide: Direct to consumer what all brands can gain from DTC world