It’s no secret that consumers are growing more promiscuous with their brand choices. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, shoppers have more information, more choices, and more say in how and where they spend their money than ever before. Creating and retaining their loyalty is the marketing challenge of our time. The pandemic of 2020 threw down a gauntlet that put brand loyalty to the test.

Many marketers have applied an entrepreneurial mindset. By proactively shifting their messaging, programs, and customer service approaches, they have been able to successfully navigate the crisis with their brand value intact. Now, they are creating plans to build and maintain relationships in a challenging new environment.

The CMO Club in thought leadership with Catalina surveyed nearly 70 chief marketing officers (CMOs) across a wide range of B2B and B2C organizations and industries to better understand how marketers are solving these important brand loyalty questions and challenges.

This research includes in-depth, one-on-one conversations with marketing and business executives from leading and emerging brands, including Francis Perrin, CMO, Chateau St. Michelle, Cindy Hess, VP Marketing, La Terra Fina, Danielle Vona, CMO, Steakhouse, Andrea Adegas Faccio, CMO, Purina PetCare, Guillermo Plasencia, Global CMO, wefox, and Michael Shoretz, CEO, Better Foods, to gain direct insights on brand loyalty trends and tools that work in this world of brand promiscuity.

This CMO Solution Guide uncovers:

  • How brands will re-engage customers who have strayed
  • How marketers will retain buyers recently acquired
  • What brand loyalty will look like a year, two years, and beyond from where it is now

Our research – both quantitative and qualitative – reveals an overarching theme of creativity, positivity, and opportunity. Marketing leaders are emerging from the crisis fallout more agile and energized to entice new and existing consumers in an era of increasing brand loyalty promiscuity.

Download: Improving Loyalty in the Era of Brand Promiscuity: A CMO Solution Guide