Thanks to digital technology, CMOs have access to unprecedented degrees of 360 customer insights that are rich, real-time, predictive and actionable. Even so, capturing data and leveraging these insights still remains an elusive challenge for many marketers, with one of the biggest barriers being learning how to best work with IT to design and integrate the appropriate infrastructure.

To address some of these remaining challenges marketers and brands are facing, The CMO Club, in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud and Accelent Consulting, recently released a new CMO Solution Guide: CMO Insights on the Journey toward Digital Agility. In it, the research reveals that leveraging digital marketing to get closer to the customer was almost twice as important as using it as a means for increasing sales. In order of priority, the top three drivers of enhancing digital marketing agility are:

  1. Enhancing the customer experience
  2. Improving competitive position
  3. Increasing sales

The guide defines that ‘world-class’ digitally agile enterprises are those with core digital skills, advanced maturity and a desire to proactively seek new digital approaches. It is not enough to just understand what’s needed – it’s also about translating that understanding into action and accelerating adoption.

“Everyone is talking about digital marketing and technology, so why did we feel the need to do this study? Because knowing that you need to become more digitally driven and doing it well are two different things. The need to act faster and adapt to changing customer and market needs has put the concept of digital agility front and center,” said Barbara Angius Saxby, Managing Director and Founder, Accelent Consulting.

For more insights, check out the infographic below or download the Solution Guide, HERE.

DA Infographic_colored.pdf