The CMO Club, the leading marketing executive networking organization of its kind, took a long, hard look at CMO compensation from all angles. We identified benchmark data of 374 CMOs from across North America, Europe, and S. Africawith an average of over eight years of experience, in what is the largest Marketing Executive study of its kind ever undertaken.

“This comprehensive CMO compensation study covers everything from salary and bonus, to equity and severance, from 374 CMOs across multiple industries. It will now be our go-to resource.”

-Kim Feil, CMO, CSO, Aspire Healthy Energy Drinks

We analyzed all the data to give you as much detailed information as possible in planning your overall compensation strategy for your current and future career path so you can go head to head in negotiating your best package ever as a CMO.

What we found and what matters the most in your worth as a CMO:

  • Titles matter
  • There is still a gender gap
  • What’s the median salary of a CMO anyway?
  • Job loss and severance packages
  • The best and worst compensation packages
  • What roles and industries have the most satisfied CMOs and unsatisfied

“Sliding scales for bonuses are important to have not just for the downside risk but to share in the upside for driving company performance. In the absence of equity compensation, the upside of bonuses paid above target better aligns executive performance to match shareholder or stakeholder interests. Even when equity compensation is present, these bonuses can help to drive activities that are not immediately rewarded in stock performance like in turnarounds or underperforming companies.”

– Alan Hart, Chair of Research, The CMO Club

As a senior level executive sitting in the chair of a C-suite office, this position is now central to the success or failure of a whole organization. Find out what your true worth is in this ever-changing exciting role you fill as a CMO: Download the research study here.