The CMO Club, in partnership with Rakuten Marketing, conducted research among leading Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) to produce a CMO Solution Guide titled Omni What? Demystifying Omnichannel Marketing to Create a Winning Strategy for CMOs. The study includes feedback from 120+ leading CMO Club members from a cross-section of B2B and B2C organizations and one-on-one interviews with five marketing executives from top brands, including Camuto Group,, Pet360 and Valspar.

What we uncovered in our research was simultaneously surprising and encouraging: a stunning 55 percent of respondents are not yet leveraging or implementing an omnichannel strategy despite the fact that marketers who are doing so are clearly winning and creating a competitive advantage.

“Everybody’s talking Omnichannel, but is anyone listening (and acting on it)?” -Omni What? Demystifying Omnichannel Marketing to Create A Winning Strategy for CMOs

In this CMO Solution Guide, we uncover and address the numerous roadblocks that keep marketers from leveraging an integrated, cross-channel approach. Adapting a brand, an organization, and an infrastructure to meet the demands of today’s borderless consumer takes time, foresight, funds and resources. And with the pace of marketing moving so fast, marketers are struggling to integrate all of their data, tools and information into a cohesive strategy to lead the organization. The Solution Guide offers advice from leading CMOs and a roadmap to omnichannel success.

Additional key findings from the study include:

  • 64% of CMOS cite “a lack of resources and investment” as their greatest challenge
    to executing an omnichannel marketing strategy
  • A siloed budget structure further complicates the ability to implement a
    multi-channel approach
  • A full one-third of CMOs cite “no real plans to leverage customer base for feedback”
    on their omnichannel efforts

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The report is also featured on the Rakuten Marketing site.