“Today’s always-on, digital world marketing is (less orchestra) and more jazz. We may start with a song in mind, but to stay in-sync, we must improvise in response to our fellow performers and audience,” (CMO Solutions Guide, June 2016).

The CMO Club, in partnership with Percolate, recently spoke with some of the world’s top marketers to better understand how they are driving nimble, action-oriented marketing within their companies. The result is Organizational Transparency & Modern Marketing Readiness, a CMO Solution Guide that delves into how marketers are managing unprecedented amounts of data and gaining visibility into the inner workings of their departments – without falling too far into the weeds.

The challenge at hand is that CMOs are struggling to shift through that data we now have access to, while leading a team to effectively leverage those numbers and insights into actionable strategies. So, how do you create a team that empowers each individual to take action in positive, results-driven ways?

It boils down to information access. More than that, though, it requires the alignment of people, processes and technology in a transparent way.

Yesterday’s hub and spoke organizational model isn’t ideal for the level of transparency that is required for effective information flow throughout an organization. Today, departments and teams must function more like a hive, or perhaps a web. In this structure, each person works toward the same greater cause, while contributing to a team environment where each role is interdependent.

Some of the key findings and insights in this Solution Guide will help marketers…

  • Understand how great transparency goes well beyond the marketing department.
  • Shift their organizational structure from the hub and spoke model of ‘owning’ tasks without comprising accountability.
  • Establish a culture that is the cornerstone of organizational transparency.
  • Put in place flexible communications dashboards and processes for sharing that is uniform and consistent across all team members.
  • Leverage global marketing matrixes that create data interdependency – not disparity.
  • Evaluate marketing stacks to establish technologies that promote readiness in a changing climate.

Download the Solutions Guide and follow Percolate to read more marketing insights.

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