It’s still a small – albeit rapidly growing – number of marketing leaders that have delved deep into paid social media, shifting significant resources from traditional TV and radio. And, while 100% of CMOs plan to continue (55%) or increase (45%) paid social spend in the coming year, only about 8% of them are currently sourcing this activity from the aforementioned traditional outlets.

Social media is providing marketers with greater measurability, more capabilities in the direct-response arena and seemingly endless opportunities to hone in on customer preferences with content creation and personalized interactions.

But where – and how – are brands realizing the biggest payoffs?

To highlight the real tactics CMOs are leveraging in their social strategies and the positive, measurable results they are wielding, The CMO Club, in partnership with SocialCode, recently published a CMO Solution Guide: Getting More Out of Paid Social – What Really Works. This guide lays out an actionable roadmap for driving the most value and conversions from your paid social media efforts.

“Nearly all marketers are seeing value in their paid social, yet many are missing the opportunity to connect with people. While 63% of the CMOs in our survey report using social ads for direct response and 40% to drive brand awareness, only 15% of the CMOs report using paid social to further connect the dots to sales and loyalty,” said Max Kalehoff, CMO, SocialCode,

During their interviews, CMOs mandated several high-level actions for getting the most out of social – particularly when it comes to mobile and video:

  • Start with a social data strategy that incorporates customer databases.
  • Create established goals, tying each campaign to a learning agenda.
  • Invest heavily in engaging, compelling video.
  • Deploy the campaign across the entire marketing funnel, leveraging the flexibility of social to make real-time changes.
  • Test.
  • Repeat.

To read more tactics and specific actions for social media ROI, download the CMO Solution Guide: Getting More Out of Paid Social – What Really Works, HERE.