Total video is Now. Embrace the Evolution.

We are witnessing the next great evolutionary leap in television. Since entering mainstream America in the 1950s, TV has been growing and morphing. The current explosion of internet-based channels, providers and content is fueling an evolution that would impress even Charles Darwin. Over the years, programming has been delivered to audiences on television sets via airwaves, cable, and set-top box. Marketers relied on mass reach and demographics to target audiences.

In this latest TV transmutation, however, content is available on-demand and online from a growing lineup of direct-to-viewer providers. Viewers are able to consume content anywhere, anytime on connected personal devices. It’s a flourishing landscape that includes everything from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube to newcomers Amazon Prime and Disney+ to a dizzying array of niche streaming services. In this new data-rich environment, marketers can now target segmented audiences based on interests, purchasing habits, and much more, not merely demographics. Welcome to the evolution into next generation TV: total video.

Inevitably, it is shaking up the way marketers plan and buy advertising. If programming isn’t viewed on a TV, is it still part of your TV media buy? How can you optimize these targeting opportunities? What roles can— and should—your internal team and agency partner play in your holistic approach to total video media planning and activation? And how, where, and when should you incorporate new TV and streaming providers into your marketing mix for the most effective, targeted, and holistic media buy? In this CMO Club Solution Guide, we address everything you wanted to know about next gen TV, video, and streaming. It serves as a guidebook for today’s chief marketing officers (CMOs) to better understand The Unstoppable Evolution of TV to Total Video.

The CMO Club, in partnership with Catalina, recently surveyed CMOs across a range of B2B and B2C organizations and industries. We also interviewed CMOs and senior marketers from leading brands such as Albertsons, eharmony, El Pollo Loco, and Papa Murphy’s to determine how marketers can embrace the TV evolution with confidence and clarity.

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