A cohesive team culture and structure that embraces local diversity is – counterintuitively – the linchpin to building brands on a global scale.

In new research developed by The CMO Club and in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, top marketing executives shared the core tenets of successfully navigating the complexity of today’s modern global organization. Published in the CMO Solution Guide for Global Brand Leaders: Transcending the Geographic Divide, their insights reveal six underlying elements that set the foundation for growth.

These key areas help CMO’s overcome the increasingly pervasive dichotomy of being a consistent-enough, cohesive-enough brand that captures the benefits of being global while still respecting and honoring local diversities and cultures:

  • Developing a cohesive culture that catalyzes teamwork
  • Piloting country-specific legal rules and regulations
  • Building a rock-solid technology platform
  • Architecting both local and global scale

“Developing a global brand is a balancing act as well as a question of trust and learning,” said Hubertus (Huub) Devroye, Head of Marketing and Commercial, Dow Chemical. “You can’t think it’s just centralized or decentralized because it might be that some aspects are centralized while others are not.”

Download the full CMO Solutions Guide, HERE.