In a world of advanced marketing strategies and tactics, phone conversions are an oft-overlooked – yet critical – piece of the customer journey.

In fact, in new research conducted for A Wake-Up Call for CMOs: The Unexpected Impact of Call Conversions on Marketing ROI, a CMO Solution Guide in partnership with DialogTech, revealed that marketers that can attribute call conversions from their digital marketing stacks and analyze caller experiences are seeing impressive increases in marketing ROI via customer and revenue growth.

This year, for the first time ever, marketers spent more on digital channels than they did on TV, with mobile garnering about 64% of all ad spending. And, as a vast majority of web and ad traffic is now coming from smartphones, consumers aren’t hesitating to pick up the phone – especially when it comes to buying something within industries such as automotive, insurance, travel and financial services. These phone conversations contribute significantly to brands’ ability to control the customer experience. Meanwhile, marketers who place their focus (and budget) on this area of the mix are reaping significant rewards in the form of proven digital marketing ROI, enhanced customer acquisitions and increased brand loyalty.

The guide features seven interviews with CMOs from major brands like Esurance, Expedia, LegalZoom, LendingTree and more. It contains the insights, best practices and strategies they use for successful call conversions, including:

  • How to make it easy for consumers to call you
  • What data marketers should capture for calls and who it benefits
  • Benefits of integrating call data with the tools in a business’s marketing stack
  • Approaches for marketers to personalize the caller experience and improve conversions
  • Ways to analyze phone conversations to extract actionable marketing insights

“The trends in smartphone usage and mobile advertising show that consumers have changed the way that they shop and convert online. Instead of filling out a form, many now prefer to engage with businesses over the phone. For marketers to capture their true ROI, they need to connect these call conversions to their marketing efforts,” said Susan Bryant, CMO, DialogTech.

Download the full CMO Solution Guide, HERE.