The CMO Club Tackles Tech-Savvy Marketing in The CMO ClubHouse

Twitter_ SXSW | March 10, 2018


CMO Club Member, Camila Casale, CMO, US & Canada of Softtek shares a preview of her upcoming panel in The CMO ClubHouse in Austin, Texas.

“For marketers, it’s always been about understanding customers – what they want, when they want it and what they will want next. For a retailer, it could be a dress in just the right size in just the right shade of blue, at just the right price, conveniently available just before the big party.

What’s exciting today – and a little scary – is the fact that that sweet spot of what the customer wants and what we have to offer is becoming less and less a matter of guesswork, instinct and luck. Instead, thanks to our growing capacity to collect and analyze customer data, we have an opportunity to gain unprecedented levels of insight into our buyer audiences. If we can use that insight properly, we can deliver a unique and memorable customer experience that has a quantifiable impact on our business’ bottom line (and makes us look like rock stars in the process).

The implications are obvious – technology is redefining the CMO’s role. But what exactly does that mean? What are the keys to successful CMO/CIO collaboration? What can we as CMOs do to communicate more effectively with their technology counterparts? And how can we best understand the possibilities and limitations of today’s emerging technologies?

These and other intriguing questions will be discussed during a panel discussion at the upcoming CMO ClubHouse event on March 10th in Austin, Texas. I’m honored to have been asked to participate in this discussion, and I’ll be joined by Jorge Pederzini, Global Director of Marketing at Chili’s. We’ll share our experiences, observations and lessons learned regarding the evolution of marketing in the Digital Age, specifically regarding the cultural and organizational challenges that need to be overcome for marketing and IT to work as a true team. Jorge will talk about how technology has helped Chili’s deliver a great dining experience to its customers, while at the same time improving the chain’s operational efficiency.

The CMO Club is one of my favorite organizations and Jorge is one of my favorite people, so I’m tremendously excited to part of this fantastic event.”

If you’re interested in attending The CMO ClubHouse in Austin, TX, request your pass here.

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