The CMO Awards

Welcome to the CMO Awards. The CMO Awards established in 2013, is the first and only CMO awards program designed and driven by an elite group of peers. The CMO Awards celebrate the marketing industry’s best and brightest leaders. 2022 nominations open Monday, August 1st, and close Friday, September 16th, 2022.

The Awards Categories

Today’s CMO is responsible for not only growing a business but also fostering a culture that’s rooted in equality. This leader has built an inclusive, high-performance organization with a rich diversity of voices at the table that authentically reflects the markets and communities the company serves.

Technology is advancing at an exponential pace presenting a corresponding level of opportunity for the CMOs that can effectively harness it. This marketing leader has deployed customer-centric solutions that vaulted the marketing organization forward and delivered game-changing ROI, and deeper, richer customer experiences.

CMOs operate in a market landscape where change is the only constant, and the path to constructing and seizing new value involves perpetual transformation. Whether through end-to-end digitization, the reinvention of key business strategies and go-to-market approaches, or in other ways, this leader has led the company through a fundamental transformation that drove breakthrough efficiency and scale and fueled explosive growth.

This CMO is an early-career (less than 10 years experience) leader who has had a notably short runway but managed to give lift to massive business objectives. The Rising Star is a leader that has driven remarkable results in organizational excellence, marketing innovation, and business growth.

Now more than ever, companies must live their values to remain viable in the market, and to reinforce their connections to customers, partners, and employees. This leader has demonstrated that the obligations of corporate citizenship are reflected in their day-to-day business decisions, which prioritize social and environmental responsibility and corporate accountability.

To exceed customers’ expectations, CMOs must have an intimate understanding of them. This leader has developed innovative methods to channel the voice of the customer across the organization and has driven the creation of a rich portfolio of creative, high-impact customer experiences that surprised, delighted, and went above and beyond.

Storytelling is the oldest form of human interaction. It is the CMO’s most powerful tool to connect with people in deeper, more meaningful ways, and to differentiate in the market. This leader has pushed creative boundaries with gifted storytelling and creative expression that captured minds, touched hearts, ignited passion, and moved their customers to action.

Extracting all available value from the tech stack can be an incredible accelerator for market success. This leader has leveraged technology and business partnerships to systemically use systems, data, analytics, and machine learning to propel the company forward in leaps and bounds.