Customer Engagement

Delivering Creativity and Effective Story Telling


Since pre-history, humankind has been a creative force and storytelling juggernaut. Storytelling is a part of our DNA. Before written language and even still in some remote tribes scattered about the globe, storytelling was the only method for our ancestors to pass on knowledge to their forebears. From the earliest papyrus scrolls and cave paintings, to the great art of the Renaissance, the works of Shakespeare and today’s cinema we have been refining what it means to tell a good story.

Today, more than ever, effectively delivering creative stories to audiences are key to today’s CMO. Whether it’s a 30 second spot in the Super Bowl, a quick local radio advertisement or an effective social media campaign, it is critical in today’s marketplace to pierce the cloud of media saturation and deliver content which engages customers and inspires action.


  • I Got WEMO’d! This Story Grabbed My Attention and Captured My Heart

    Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin, wows with this role model video story about inanimate technology that succeeds in engaging our hearts and minds.

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