CMO Impact

Proving Value with your C-Suite and Board


C-Suite productivity generates the vitality of an organization. Increasingly, cross-silo collaboration is being placed in the hands of CMOs who are morphing into the role of General Manager. How important is collaboration? To CEO’s it is the top skill for success — ahead of honesty and expertise.

Of the more than 9,800 board seats for fortune 1000 companies, only 38 are currently occupied by top marketing leaders. But according to current board members, this statistic is about to change. It’s never been a better time for CMOs to be front and center with the CEO and Board due to their close relationships with customers.


  • CMO Leadership, Accountability and Credibility Within the C-Suite

    The C-Suite inner circle dynamics can make or break an organization. More and more, CMOs are being asked to lead cross-silo collaboration and synchronization. The CMO Club and Gartner collaborated on the state of CMOs in the C-Suite.

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