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Ask A CMO: Latest Mobile App Questions

I need to hire an agency to vet a new company name for linguistics and cultural sensitivities. Our Legal team will handle their part, but they aren’t the team to do this. Who do you guys use? In search of a vendor who can run a solid female-skewed national display campaign. Already given my PPC vendor & Facebook vendor a shot and neither could get it off the ground.

Member News:
Let’s recognize the accomplishments of current members, members featured in the Digital Solutions Clubhouse, new positions, CMOs featured all across the web, and our new Club Members for the month! READ MORE >

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Vitium enimus excestet magniment dent volut dem doluptius est quiassint etur as dolorib ustecto quatem volland aeprerovid ullantur magniende nectoresci ut rectur, expla quae Link to UPDATE NOW >


Virtual Roundtables:

9/20 Title of Virtual Roundtable.Name, Title, Company More >

9/20 Title of Virtual Roundtable.Name, Title, Company More >

Fall Innovation Summit. October 16-17, 2019 | St. Pete Beach, FL
New Agenda Released. Over 60 Heads of Marketing to Lead Sessions. See Agenda >

The CMO Awards: Check out the finalist for the 2019 CMO Awards Award Finalists >

Latest Solution Guide:
The Real Drivers of Brand Growth in a Digital World in thought leadership with Catalina
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Survey: Evolution of CMO Organizations:
The CMO Club’s largest annual benchmarking study of its kind; A CMOs guide on the structure, design, roles and responsibilities.
Investigate the CMO breadth of responsibilities, organization structures, talent requirements and gaps. Once finalized, the study will enable CMOs to review and use the benchmarks and guidance based on our findings on how to sustainably, flexibly organize and operate effective marketing functions as well as ensure they work in partnership with peer CXOs. Take Survey >

  • Make Marketing More Measurable and Relevant as CMOs
    Scott Grimes, CEO and Co-Founder of Cardlytics Listen >
  • *Best of The Summit* Elevating the Human Experience in the Digital Age
    Amelia Dunlop, Head of Customer Strategy & Applied Design Business, Deloitte Listen >
  • *Best of The Summit* Leveraging Your C-Suite and Board for Leading Brand Success
    Rick Gomez, EVP, CMO, Target and John Costello, CEO Costello Ventures Listen >
  • Re-Establishing Trust, Value, and Purpose in Advertising
    David Kohl, President and CEO at TRUSTX Listen >