Kerry Anderson
February 23, 2018

We’ve been working with Monigle, one of the country’s largest independent brand firms, in Denver for the last 12 months on our brand purpose, brand architecture and foundational design elements, and I’d highly recommend them for anyone looking for a true brand partner.

The team assigned to our engagement has been top notch! They’ve taken the time to become invested in our offerings and learn our language. We’ve asked them to bend on many occasions, and they’ve been flexible throughout the process. Our collaboration has uncovered opportunities to hone our business model and bring a better brand and customer experience to the world.

I also appreciate their commitment to remaining fiercely independent has attracted top NY agency and international talent, as my team is made up of former Interbrand, Ogilvy and Integer people. Their ability to be agile and not tied to a standard practice of doing the work has resulted in great things. I’m happy I hired them and so is my boss. He has said more than once: “we need to find more ways to work with them!” Thanks Monigle for making our brand, and me, look good!

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