Starfish Integrated Marketing

Patrick Bernardi
October 11, 2018

Starfish is not for everyone. But, if you are a marketer who insists on working with people who are fearless in their exploration of what’s possible and are equally unafraid of ideas and feedback that take you out of your comfort zone, then Starfishis absolutely the right partner for you.

Starfish has been a trusted adviser to myself and my team for many years and has helped us think through such tough problems as strategic brand architecture, marketing plan creation, product launches, database marketing, competitive positioning, market segmentation and more.

Their curious minds are their greatest asset, and because of his vast and varied marketing experiences, they are able to speak with authority on just about any challenge you can throw at him. They are also skilled at communicating at the CEO/President level and is able to quickly build rapport and trust.

Starfish moves fast and thinks fast and will challenge an organization in all sorts of healthy and productive ways. Starfish is the kind of resource you hope for when you make the call to bring in outside help.

Patrick Bernardi, CMO Hu-Friedy

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