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For we use Adogy for anything related to PR/SEO. If you type in things like "Google Calendar" (Millions of searches a month that brings a lot of traffic to our site) they got us showing up for some of the most competitive terms. I've had them do some campaigns for friends. For example, Hawke Media (the owner is a friend) needed to show up for "outsourced cmo" so they got an article placed and then got it to rank in the top 3 when people type in "oursourced cmo". This is more of a newer tactic of PR/SEO where you are getting articles placed and rank in addition to your site. Basically, they have been really good at getting things to rank and placements in a lot of the publications so we are consistently being talked about in publications and ranking for important terms.Distribution is a key area for me as a part of growing and this firm has been a vital part of it. If you are looking for PR/SEO/Thought Leadership help this is a firm I highly recommend. I've been extremely pleased with the placements and things that we have ranked for. I think the future of marketing has a blend of SEO/PR to own your digital space. They do a good job of getting consistent placements. They have done some stuff for my personal brand as well that I've been happy with, but I think their main focus is the above.

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